Defending The Sip-n-Dip

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Lots of blogosphere chatter lately involving Great Falls’ very own Sip-n-Dip – and I don’t like it one bit. MT Cowgirl kicked off the buzz by posting an entry about gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill, citing an email that is making the rounds. In her post, MT Cowgirl states:

In local newsclippings dredged up by MCF, Hill admits that while married with young children, he was having an affair with a barmaid at a lounge in Great Falls. At this bar, waitresses take turns slipping into bikinis and mermaid tails and jumping into a tank behind the bar, swimming around and blowing kisses to the patrons.

All politics aside, I don’t like the implication that the Sip-n-Dip is some sort of den of iniquity – and we all know that the waitresses aren’t the ones that slip into mermaid tails and bikinis and jump into the pool. The ones that do that are ACTUAL mermaids. Duh.
The original posting of the Sip-N-Dip story appears to be over at Montanafesto, where this claim is made:

The lounge’s unique window allows bar patrons to get drunk while lusting over the mermaids swimming seductively….. The image of the now-elderly adulterer Hill caressing his young mermaid mistress while his wife and small children beg him to return home to his family presents an incredible visual and when Piano Pat Spoonheim is playing show tunes on the lounge’s organ, I’d imagine the temptation is just too great.

Again, unfair smears against our beloved Sip-n-Dip. I don’t like it one bit (although I appreciate their linking to my Piano Pat video). And I’m not the only one: Jack the Blogger has a lengthy piece about this, focused more on the politics of the issue, and he includes this:

I have been to the Sip-n-Dip several times; and I can tell you it’s nothing like Hooters. I have seen the mermaids. I knew one. Waitresses don’t wear mermaid outfits – hasn’t the author of the e-mail ever watched “Splash” with Daryl Hannah? Mermaids don’t have legs…they have a tail (or fins) like a fish! Duh! I have never seen a waitress wear a bikini (at least that I noticed). So my best guess is that the author of the e-mail has never been there.

So let the politics and smearing continue – fine by me – but fercryinoutloud, let’s not besmirch the good name and reputation of the Sip-n-Dip!

UPDATE: got an email from the proprietor of Montanafesto, who writes:

We certainly meant the Sip N Dip no harm. I’m fully aware that the servers do not wear bikinis, nobody at montanafesto had anything to do with the original email that was distributed. We just posted it. Sure, we made a little fun of the mermaid aspect, but it was certainly not meant to besmirch the good name or reputation of the Sip n Dip. Actually, I now know of at least 5 different people who have gone out of their way to visit the Sip n Dip for this very reason. They had no idea prior to the story that it even existed. I too
would bet the author of the email has never been there as it certainly didn’t remind me at all of Hooters! My apologies to the Sip n Dip for any miscommunication.

No apology necessary, in my view. My defense of the Sip-n-Dip is only semi-serious, because I know the REAL focus of the issue is on Rick Hill.

(BTW – Montanafesto wrote to me via the Contact Form, since there seems to be a slight hiccup with the commenting here at – let me know if you have any trouble leaving a comment)



  1. Thank you all for defending our reputation of the Sip ‘n Dip. My father and I truly appreciate it. If the author of the original post or email had bothered to check facts, they would have known that we did not have mermaids until 1996. We take offense at what has been said about our family business, and I can assure all that our attorney is looking into it. We must all remember that “Sip Happens” and move on with another day, and pray for the ignorent adn idiotic of the world.

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