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I love clever acronyms – how about this one – Citizens for Legalizing Urban Chickens! Yep – it’s CLUC! It’s a pro-urban chicken site for Great Falls, with lots of information about the issue. I love that the title bar in the browser reads “Henhouse,” too. So: should the issue of urban chickens be put on the ballot for voters to decide?


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  1. How about we raise cattle in town? Or hogs? The problem with chickens is… for every person that follows the rules about raising them, there’ll be another person who lets them run amok. You can already see that kind of “neighborly” behavior with dogs and cats in town. People don’t pick up after their dogs (in their own frickin’ yards)… let alone anywhere else. You ever been around a henhouse that ain’t cleaned up much? The chickens in town idea can before the public for a vote, and it’ll get beat, IMO.

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