Tuesday Tidbits

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Tidbits from around the ‘sphere:

From my friends down at JJs Bakery: “Hey GF! We have some great soup favorites today: Beef Barley and Chicken Bisque! And of course our 1st place Steak and Bacon chili!!! Come on down and get your grub on!! We would love to see you!” Check ’em out on their Facebook page.

Love what Amy has done with her {In}Spire Portrait site re-design, with all of the sections playing off of the “In” prefix. Well done.

Still no clues surrounding the disappearance of Sherry Lankford – check out the Bring Sherry Lankford Home NOW! page on Facebook for more information.

Sandra has some thoughts (and stats) on the debate about urban chickens: “While I don’t have any intentions of raising them, I would much prefer having a few chickens living next door to me than a barking, obnoxious dog. This is an issue that a few malcontents have blown completely out of proportion.”

Claire relates the tale of her first “end times” gold buyer, and shares some familial experience: “My son told me he was going to live it up in case the Mayans were right about 2012. An uncle in the Midwest just got baptized in case there really was a God, and in case God preferred baptized Christians. He called it “insurance”. My own brother just bought a small fortune in survival supplies. I know, because I carried the boxes to his bomb shelter…I mean ‘basement’.”


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