Disappearing Comments

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Jack over at The Western Word left a comment on the Tribune website recently on a story about Benefis.

I felt so strongly about it, that I left my comments on the Tribune’s website the day the story was published. I was about number 20 or so who left an opinion. Many of them were not too favorable toward Benefis. My comments were not in any way vulgar.
Later in the day or the next day, I checked back to see if anyone had replied to my comments and to see what other commentators had written. Just like a magician waiving a magic wand, “poof” they were gone. All of them – over 20 of them seemed to have been deleted.
So that raises the question as to why the Tribune deleted them.

Hmmm. Well, it’s possible that the original story was deleted – accidentally or on purpose – in order to publish a newer version, or to correct an error…in such a case, it’s possible that all associated comments may have been deleted, too. I think Jack’s suspicions are closer to the truth, however…


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