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Despite my seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect burger and/or steak, it pains me to admit this…but there comes a point at which I just have to say “Enough!”

Sigh. Living in Montana – where I once joked that you can’t turn around without running into a dead cow, the home of the best burgers and steak that I have ever experienced – has simply proven to be too much. I’ll admit it: I have gorged upon meat in all its tasty incarnations, from the delicious Q Burger at Goode’s, to the ribeye steak at Jaker’s, to the unbelievable burger in Square Butte, to the mouth-watering burger at Lindey’s, to the best steak that I’ve ever had (Highwood Bar).

Quite simply, I’ve had enough. Too much, to be precise.

And so…after much thought, lots of reading, and a few viewings of “Super Size Me,” I have finally made the decision to eliminate meat from my daily life.

Which brings me to a very practical question: where can I find good vegan meals in Great Falls? Or some decent vegan-friendly ingredients to use at home? Believe me – this is something I have no experience with, so any help or tips will be very much appreciated.



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