Aaron Taking The Plunge!

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What’s the coolest, hippest place in Great Falls? Duh – the Sip-n-Dip Lounge! And who is one of the coolest, most community-oriented guys in Great Falls? Duh – our very own Aaron Weissman! Now, imagine Aaron suiting up in a merman costume and taking the plunge – wait, you don’t have to imagine it – you can see it tonight!

It’s part of a fundraising program – people donate money to get one of their “friends” (heh) into a mermaid or merman outfit and into the water, and the money goes towards paying for swimming lessons at the Natatorium.



  1. Thanks for the plug and kind words! We raised $222 toward kids swimming lessons, and had a LOT of fun doing it!

    Who should we sponsor next? David?

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