Moving To Great Falls, 2010

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Got an email from Duane who needs some help:

My wife and I are considering relocating to Great Falls and are seeking as much information as possible. Can you point me towards any other blogs which talk about GF? I grew up in Billings…my wife is skeptical and I want to show her that GF can be cool.

Well…certainly readers of GreaterFalls know that our town is awesome and cool and many other good things. There’s always the GreaterFalls blogroll, and of course keeping tabs on stuff via and the GF Tribune site.

Also might be worth checking out a “moving to Great Falls” entry from 2008.

Beyond that – and Google, of course – I leave it to readers to offer both (1) reasons that will convince Duane’s wife that Great Falls is cool, and (2) more online resources to help them get a “feel” for Great Falls. Take it away!


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