$100M: Part 1

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If I won $100 million dollars in some sort of lottery, I’ve got some ideas about how to spend it. BTW, let’s assume that the $100M is after taxes.

First up on my Great Falls wishlist: a petting zoo! It would be so fun to have a petting zoo here – fun for schools around the area to bring kids for field trips, fun for folks just looking to spend a whimsical summer day, and probably bring in some tourists, too! But until I win that $100M, I’ll have to settle for an imaginary petting zoo – like this one!

As far as actual costs…um, I have no idea, but it surely wouldn’t cost $100M. And I’m thinking it would be an indoor petting zoo, with a retractable sun roof so that it could be enjoyed year-round and no matter the weather.


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