Space Age Pop!

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Almost thought I was imagining it when I turned on KGPR several weeks ago as I was driving home from work – but last Friday, as I drove home, there it was again: space age pop music! Oh, the joy! Turns out it’s a monthly program from MSU-GF that airs on KGPR on the first Friday of each month from 7:30 until 9 pm, and is hosted by T.C. Hirsch. If you don’t know what space age pop is – it’s also known as exotica, or lounge music, or bachelor pad music. It really is some of the happiest – and grooviest – music ever created. This might help you understand it. SO: tune in on the first Friday at 7:30 pm to 89.9 FM!

Meanwhile, in other radio news: KEIN is still off the air, dammit, and so is Michael Savage on KQDI. As far as I know, neither is likely to return to Great Falls, sadly.



  1. I too miss Michael Savage. I’ve been a Savage fan since his days as a local talk show host in San Francisco. Space Pop – Wow, I’m gonna have to tune in, turn on and drop off. (Actually, I do like certain techno-pop, ever since I got hooked on Tomita and Meco in the late 70’s and early 80’s.)

    THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for the info on space-age pad music. I’m going to tune that in. Off subject, but only in a town like Great Falls can a KEIN deal happen. Novices.

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