Burger Master Recipe?

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Got an e-mail today from John, who writes:

Greetings! I grew up in Great Falls and worked at the West side BurgerMaster in the 70s. Mordy Boyd was my boss and a great guy. I have the recipe for the ramp sauce which we continue to make at home (in Los Angeles…long story) however, the pizza sauce was always made at the 10th Ave store and I never learned it. I would love to exchange recipes with someone who knows it and loves it as we do!
My wife and I figure you would be the guy who could put out the word and solve our culinary dilemma for us! Thank you. (We enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with all the goings on!)

First – thanks, John! I love hearing from folks who used to live in Great Falls and have fond memories of our community!
Second: OK, folks – surely somebody out there can crack this code, right?
Third: Ah, Burger Master – provided one of my most memorable Great Falls experiences…



  1. I actuall put together both of these side by side…note my “Personal ooking notes” from last night at the end… It was pretty darned good…still missing something my dad put in, but this was very close in my memory.

  2. LoriAnne Mangold-Bushly on

    If anyone cooked the recipe posted above for Jack Club spaghetti sauce n RAVS it is bogus fake! My uncle Tad N Dora Martin owned the hi hat then sold recipe to Jack Club after the Hi Hat burned down and they did not rebuild. Please don’t waste your money on the groceries for the fake recipe. Gary Brodock who had asked for Hi Hat was a true gentleman. I checked his authenticity. Gary was suffering from cancer. I gave him the half n half recipe. One month before he passed away, he made this correct and original recipe. How pleased he was, he came to my house w/ 8 gallon cans of Tomato purée . Gary left us from his cancer, we developed a great friendship. He met my terminally ill daughter aged .31 . I use the $ from recipe to pay for her meds which are very costly. Someone on this site questioned my integrity and that hit me hard! No knowledge did I give about my daughter. She takes 15 pills each day. If anyone would like to buy and sign an secrecy clause, constact me at [email protected] net. If 250$ you can’t afford, I will offer for 100$. Checks made out to my daughters medical account. Ps Ramp burgher is only one gallon of cream of mushroom soup w/ bottle of white cooking sherry.

  3. Harsh comments, LoriAnne- “bogus fake”. I mearly posted the recipe’s as I recieved from others in this thread post….and I modified a little to my taste, as noted in the second recipe at the bottom. I thought it was very close to tasting like I remember, with some of my noted additions for my taste. No offense intended to you or your family; intent of my post was in helping others who had similiar interest in the recipe Sorry for your situation and hope you achieve your goals for helping your daughter.

  4. LoriAnne Mangold- Bushly on

    Dear Jerry Very sorry I seemed abrupt & rude. I have seen at least 12 fake recipes and know friends who bought groceries to make, that felt scammed afterward. I appreciate your trials and testing in mastering a duplicate like flavor. I misjudged your intent and I profusely apologize. Your reply was well received and I thank you. Lori

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