Round Coke

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Before we get to the picture – WOW – how about that temperature drop this evening, eh? We went from about 40 degrees all the way down to 3 degrees in under 3 hours. Quite…bracing. February is going out with a bang! As of midnight, it’s about -3 degrees, some snow is falling, the wind is pretty brisk, and I’d estimate the wind chill factor to be…oh, about -25 degrees.

OK – here’s a fun pic – stumbled across this odd little bottle of Coke over the weekend – it’s apparently a “limited edition” bottle to mark the 9th season of “American Idol.” Um…isn’t that show in season #10 now?



  1. I think those come out every holiday season because they look like balls you would put on a tree. Like Kirsten, I remember seeing them the last couple of years at Walmart too.

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