Blog Bash in Helena

The Montana Watchdog is hosting a blog bash of sorts in Helena:

Montana Watchdog invites all bloggers and the general public to a free event April 23 that focuses on online news and open government. The nonpartisan event is an opportunity for discussion and mingling among bloggers from throughout the state. Lunch is included. Featured speaker is Frank Keegan, national editor of the Franklin Center, a leading national non-profit journalism organization. Also speaking are John Barrows, executive director of the Montana Newspaper Association and Aaron Flint, host of the statewide “Voices of Montana” radio show. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. The event begins 9:30 a.m. at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel, 2301 Colonial Drive in Helena.
For more information or to register, contact Michael Noyes at (406) 219-0510 or e-mail him at

Hmmm…sounds interesting.


The Montana Legislature is trying to morph the “Medical Marijuana Act” into the “Therapeutic Marijuana Act.”

What I think of medical marijuana isn’t important – what is important is that we use the phrase “thera-juana” as a nickname for “therapeutic marijuana.” It’s catchy, it’s hip, it’s descriptive.

And besides, the previous nickname – “mmj” – was too confusing, because “mmj” also means “multi-media journalist,” and can also, if not heard correctly, lead one to believe that the subject at hand is Michael Jackson.

So: “thera-juana” it is!


Stopped at McDonald’s last night and spotted this young fellow – sporting a tail. I figured it was some sort of a sports-related thing – showing support for an NCAA team, perhaps – but when I asked him why he was wearing a tail, he said something to the effect “just because.”

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