What’s Missing?

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Odd – the GF Tribune has posted a story with the breaking news headline, “Man tried twice on Great Falls murder now suspect in another stabbing death,” but the story doesn’t tell readers the name of the man. Here’s what they posted:

A man convicted of a 1991 Great Falls murder was recently charged with murder and rape in another state. The man’s conviction in the Montana crime was later appealed, and his second trial ended in a mistrial when the jury was unable to unanimously agree on a verdict. District Judge Thomas McKittrick sentenced the man to 35 years in jail on a burglary charge. The 52-year-old was released from Montana State Prison in August. Police found the suspect covered in blood standing over the body of a 30-year-old man, who was stabbed to death last week. For more on this story read tomorrow’s Tribune.

A couple of commenters on the Trib site wondered about the lack of information, and I’ll admit that I’m baffled by the Trib’s handling of it, too.

Not to toot my own horn – well, OK, a little – but KRTV has the full story, including the man’s name, his picture, the crimes he was charged with, and more.

And for the record: I love the Trib – really. Good people, good work, great community resource, and such – but I’m just utterly baffled by this instance.

UPDATE, Wednesday evening: WOW. I left a comment on the Trib article pointing out that KRTV.com had the full story, and a short time later, my comment was deleted. So let me get this straight: the Tribune would rather their readers NOT have the information and the full story, rather than let someone point out where they can find the information? Look, I understand them wanting to delete my comment – after all, I’m linking to their competitor! – but wouldn’t it have been appropriate to, oh, I don’t know…perhaps update their OWN story and THEN delete my comment? As of this writing, they are still blaring the Breaking News headline on the story, with the latest time stamp on the story listed as 2:09 pm – about 9 hours ago. I just don’t get it.

UPDATE, Thursday morning: The Trib has restored my comment on the original story, for some reason. And they have finally published a more complete story.



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