More More Pizza Pizza

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First, there was Little Caesar’s Pizza on 10th Avenue South – and it was good. Very good. $5 for a pepperoni pizza? Heck yeah. And the Crazy Bread – holy cow, is that stuff addicting.

But folks over on the west side of Great Falls might have felt left out – having to trek across at least one bridge, braving the 10th Avenue South traffic, navigating the Target plaza parking lot. But now – in case you haven’t noticed the sign that went up recently – rejoice: you are less than 1 month away from having your very own “pizza, pizza” place!

It’s going into the mini-plaza that used to house Movie Gallery, near Pro Lube. All those in favor, say AYE!



  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers on

    You do good work, Dave. It’s nice to have a blog that isn’t constant bickering. Hey, you do what you do well, and so do I. I appreciate that……..LIKE A GOOD PIZZA! I actually love Little Ceasars! And my wasteline shows it! Thanks for the info. Lunch there? I’m buyin’. Did you see that bet I sent you?


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