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How about a retro pop-culture blast? Upon learning that half of Shields & Yarnell had passed away, the first image in my head was the fondly-remembered cover of a Dynamite magazine, which led me to a few Dynamite sites.

Before the internet – before Nickelodeon – before (most) video games – there was Dynamite! Shaun Cassidy and Chewbacca (on the SAME COVER!)? That’s DYNAMITE! Kristy McNichol, the Bay City Rollers, and Mork & Mindy? That’s DYNAMITE! Meet Rick Springfield? That’s DYNAMITE! Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Ladd? That’s DYNAMITE! And the cover of the November 1978 issue asked the burning question of the day: The Bee Gees vs. The Beatles! Who’s the Greatest?


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