“Tiny Fluff Balls”

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Terri Adams of The Prairie Star has a neat profile of Anne Key, whose sheep operation south of Great Falls is cranking out scores and scores of baby sheep!

According to Anne Key who ranches with her husband, Tom, near Great Falls, Mont., lambing is in full swing and it is going great.
“We had tagged the 200th lamb on Jan. 28,” she said. That was the start of a crazy weekend. By Monday, Jan. 31, they had tagged 40 more lambs and the tiny fluff balls are still coming.

Click the picture below to read the full story at The Prairie Star.

Lots of sheep!

UPDATE: Just registered at The Prairie Star to leave a comment, but was blocked from doing so. Guess it’s OK to use the word “balls” in the story (tiny fluff balls), but not in a comment. Heh.


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