Great Falls Alum: Lester Hogan

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Until today, I had never heard of Lester Hogan, but a random Google search result caught my eye, and I learned that this Great Falls alum was regarded as a pioneer in microwave and semiconductor technology.

Most of this interview with Hogan is about his career with Motorola and Fairchild, but he touches on his Great Falls beginnings:

I grew up in Great Falls, Montana. I had three sisters, I was the only boy in the family…We had a very happy life. Father who worked for the railroad–Great Northern Railroad…Montana is a wonderful place for a boy to grow up. I’m not certain it’s that good for girls because things that I learned to do girls weren’t much interested in. I’d take the rifle out when I was nine years old and head out on the prairie, killing all the rattlesnakes I could find, you know, things like that. I don’t think there were very many boys who had the opportunity to do something like that.

Here’s what VentureBeat had to say about Hogan: He was a pioneer of Silicon Valley, leading the fledgling chip operations of Motorola and Fairchild Semiconductor that ushered in the modern age of technology.

Hogan was an MSU grad, too, and the MSU website has a nice tribute to him.


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