Pink Ladies Review

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Remember I posted about the The Pink Ladies cleaning service a few months ago? I got an e-mail yesterday from Theresa, a very satisfied customer.

Here’s the full text of the e-mail:

Hi David: (You don’t have to post this, but I wanted to give a big hurrah to a local company.)

A while back, you mentioned a cleaning company on your blog, The Pink Ladie. Because of your post, we decided to check them out and they are now cleaning our house. We live on base and since we were their first Malmstrom client, they had to go through the hoops to be able to get on base (lots of paperwork and process to make sure that they can get on base…lots of time on their part! Can’t tell you how much we appreciate them taking the time to go through all of that!).

First, I have to say that the price is unbeatable. I can’t believe what a great job they do in a short time. It basically comes down to the fact that they have a system and get to know your home, so they are able to accomplish more in less time. They do such a good job that I decided to bring them on two days a week instead of just one. I love what they do so much that I want to come home and enjoy it more often! And on top of that, we pay less for two days a week here than we paid for once every two weeks in DC!

But they really went above and beyond today. Last week, my younger son was sick, so I had to cancel my cleaning. This morning, my husband was ill, but I asked them to come anyway. While they were here at our home, my husband got progressively worse. My husband didn’t call me to let me know how bad he was getting, so Christine (the owner of Pink Ladies) called me to let me know she was worried and that I should come home.

I ended up coming home and rushing my husband to the ER. Come to find out, he has pneumonia. Christine and her employees were worried about us, so they actually took the time to do a deep sanitation of our home to make sure that we had a clean place to come home to after all the illness going on in our home. She also texted me at the hospital to find out if she could do anything to help.

This is something I think you only find in a place like Great Falls. So a HUGE thanks to Christine and her team at Pink Ladies. They are awesome!

Here’s a link to the Pink Ladies website. And no, I am not on their payroll 🙂


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