Me: Evil, Guilty, Nazi Sympathizer?

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Remember I mentioned a few months ago that one person sends long, ranty e-mails to KRTV regularly, and sends “cc” copies to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and other news outlets? I posted one of his e-mails – without mentioning him by name – just to let folks know that “letters to the editor” aren’t confined only to newspapers. I highlighted that particular e-mail because the person who sent it does it often – usually daily – and fills each e-mail with long ramblings about…well, I’m not sure.

But today, this guy’s e-mail caught me by surprise, since he names me – specifically ME – as a “Nazi sympathizer,” for some reason. He also takes a swing at all of my co-workers at KRTV.

Today’s e-mail was – as always – way long and hard to understand, but this is the section that jumped out at me:

The only person who gets a free pass for voting for my Neo-Nazi opponent is himself since it was his name. Everyone else is branded a Nazi sympathizer — especially the enablers at KRTV telling lies as truths (Fair? No, Accurate? No. To the point? No. — enablers controlling content (his name is David Sherman and he has been judged guilty, I have his email address [email protected], but he’s just as evil as the others are and a Nazi sympathiser since he enabled THEM — my guess is payola).

All I know about this guy is that his name is Keith Melhus, he lives in or near Conrad, and he recently ran for public office.



  1. Dave – I am a believer in free speech, but this guy is clearly “non compos mentis.” I wonder how many votes he received? Perhaps Conrad and its’ environs is the new wing-nut capitol of the west. Look out, Idaho – here we come!

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