Go Mustangs!

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There’s a big contest among several high schools in Montana, and YOUR job is to vote for Great Falls Central Catholic High School! The school with the most votes will score some neat prizes for their Prom. The contest is open for another 49 days, and you can vote as often as you want – all you have to is register and then vote! Right now, the Mustangs are leading the pack, but they won’t stay there without your help!

Sorry, Brockton…but you’re going down!

Check out the prizes:

What are the different prizes my school can win?
3 schools will win the Grand Prize of a $5000 Stumps Gift Certificate. This includes the school with the most over-all votes and the first two schools to reach one million votes.

51 Runner-up schools will win a $1000 Stumps Gift Certificate. This will be determined by which school has the most votes per state. Each state will have a winner.

All schools that receive 125,000 votes will receive a 2011 Senior Prom and Graduation Decorating Kit (valued at $300)

All schools that receive 50,000 votes will receive one Royalty Combo, featuring crown, tiara, King sash and Queen Sash, valued at $66.

All schools that receive 10,000 votes will receive one hundred personalized Candy Bars, which can be used for fundraising, valued at $149. Shipping costs not included.

All schools that receive 1,000 votes will receive one personalized 24×72-inch Banner, item B1124, which can be used for fundraising, valued at $23.


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