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The president of Music Of Your Life – the syndicated programming that until last week was heard in Great Falls on KEIN (am 1310) – tried to leave a comment on the Trib website letting folks know that they can listen to Music Of Your Life online. For some reason, the Trib deleted that comment, so he tried again:

I’m the President and CEO of Music of Your Life, the syndicated radio network that provides KEIN with its programming. I posted a comment a few days ago about this story, but it was removed for “Viloating Terms of Service”, whatever that means. I simply commented that while KEIN is working out their problems, listeners of the station can continue enjoying Music of Your Life on the Internet at Tell me how this violates Terms of Service?

We spend a tremendous amount of resources brodcasting one of the highest rated syndicated shows in the country and I’m not sure why this publication will not allow me to let the community know they can continue listening. The issues between the people involved at KEIN seem rediculous and the FCC should step in and force the station back on the air. The public is being disenfranchised over some petty business dispute.

Marc Angell
Music of Your Life

So if you have a computer and web access, you can still swing to the sounds of Sinatra online, until – if? – the KEIN issue is resolved.

NOTE: you do have to register – it’s free – at the Music Of Your Life site in order to listen online. Registration wouldn’t work using Chrome browser, but worked fine with MS IE.


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  1. Glad to see Mr. Angell post the information. I can’t believe a town the size of Great Falls has a couple of clowns running KEIN. They have a legal issue and the radio station is shut down. After a “mysterious” break-in. Pathetic.

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