“Crunchy” Request

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From the Mothering.com forums:

Are there any other Moms who live in Great Falls Montana, or surrounding areas, that either use or are considering using cloth diapers? Pretty sure I’m not the only one here right? I would love to start a Mommy and me playgroup if there is anyone else out there who is interested. Anyone not yet a Mom but interested in socializing with, and learning from others who have used cloth diapers would of course be welcome too. 🙂

We moved here 18 months ago and I’ve had a hard time finding other Moms who have similar ‘crunchy-ish’ views (i.e. eating local/organic, recycling, babywearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding etc…). Most people I’ve met here think I’m crazy for using cloth.

We have used both cloth diapers and Elimination Communication with both of my kids (DD 25 months and DS 9months) and it has been a wonderful experience. I would really love meet other like minded families to swap insights with.



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  1. I am a “crunchy-ish” mom too. I cloth diaper, breastfeed, babywear, and all of that fun stuff. I have gotten weird or mean looks when I breastfed and wore my cloth diapered baby in public. I have also been stopped and asked what my ergo was, and when I sold my ergo on craigslist the lady drove from Helena to buy it. I think it would be awesome if she started a play group!

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