KEIN: The Plot Thickens

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So the mystery surrounding the static on KEIN is developing…Heath started calling around this morning and found out that it involves a lawsuit, and as Elevator Monkey noted in the earlier entry, it did involve a Sheriff’s deputy placing a sign on the door.
And a few minutes ago, the president of Music Of Your Life, Marc Angel, even left a comment wondering what’s going on. Heath is doing some more legwork on what is turning into a “real” news story, and we should have more information later today.

UPDATE: holy cow…turns out it’s a legal battle between two people, coupled with a reported break-in at the transmitter facility.
Here’s the story posted on

Montana’s oldest radio station, KEIN, is off the air, and it may not be back on anytime soon.

The station, located at 1310 AM, went off the air late last week.

According to property owner Creed Evans, someone broke into the transmitter facility on Vaughn Road, switched off some breakers, and killed the signal.

The Cascade County Sheriff’s Office investigated the break in, but were not able to develop any chargeable suspects in the case.

Munson Radio president Steve Dow owns the FCC license for KEIN; he told us he tried to get the signal back on, but he’s locked out of the transmitter building.

According to court documents, the reason Dow is locked out is because of an October court judgement that gave him 30 days to vacate the premises.

The ruling was made in favor of Evans, who filed suit against Dow for failing to maintain insurance and make repairs on the facilities.

While Evans owns the facilities, he lacks the technical expertise and the authority to turn the signal back on.

Both Evans and Dow told KRTV they want to get KEIN back on the air, but the parties have yet to speak to each other regarding the matter.

The station featured a “Music Of Your Life” format, featuring big band, American pop, and vocalists such as Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, and Harry Connick, Jr.

Grrrr…so it looks like I will be without my favorite radio music station for…a while? Forever? Come on, Creed and Dow – please work it out!

Sigh. First they pulled Michael Savage off of KQDI, now KEIN is off the air. If I hit some magical jackpot lottery and win $100 million dollars, I’m going to buy a radio station in Great Falls. Er…that is, after I launch the Great Falls Petting Zoo.


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