Missile Duty

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Most of you know that Great Falls is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, which is responsible for maintaining scores of ICBM nuclear missiles. And while most of Great Falls knows about the day-to-day life of Malmstrom airmen going about their business on base and around town, and know that the missile crews spend a lot of time driving hundreds of miles to get to their silos, the life of a missileer – and their support staff – isn’t as well known.

Wired has an article written by a former missileer assigned to F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming titled “In Nuclear Silos, Death Wears a Snuggie.” Some excerpts:

For decades, missileers…have quietly performed their duties, custodians of a dying breed of weapon. The truth is the job is an awesome responsibility, but it’s deeply weird.
Being a missileer means that your worst enemy is boredom.
Though tedious, missile duty is not without perks. The uniform regulations are relaxed, though not by design. Once the blast door thuds shut and a crew is free from the prying eyes of the public or enlisted personnel topside, out come the pajamas and hooded sweatshirts.

Found via MeFi, where there’s some interesting and occasionally humorous discussion about the article.


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