Tucson Tragedy

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I left the following comment over on MetaFilter: And for those of you who are jumping and have jumped to the conclusion that this sicko, deranged nutjob was somehow tied to the Tea Party and/or Sarah Palin and/or right-wing extremists – I assume there will be apologies forthcoming now that it is, in fact, shown that he is a sicko, deranged nutjob who was motivated by his irrational beliefs, mental illness, and an apparent years-long interest in Giffords?

Yep – irrational beliefs, mental illness, and years-long interest in Giffords.

Everyone who immediately began pointing fingers – and worse – at the “rhetoric” of politics and blamed Palin and the Tea Party and conservatives – should be VERY ashamed. Blood libel, indeed.

Lots of discussion over at Electric City Weblog, too.


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