Swim With A Mermaid!

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This is cool – a chance to swim with a mermaid at Great Falls’ very own – and world-famous!Sip-n-Dip!

Meeting a real mermaid may be pretty unlikely, but $100 will get you the next best thing in Great Falls – and also allow you to help a good cause.

The Sip-N-Dip lounge is hosting its first ever “Swim With A Mermaid” fundraiser.

The money will pay for swim lessons for kids in the Great Falls area.

Along with funding the fundamentals of swimming, the donation also buys up to an hour of swim time with two mermaids, a Sip-N-Dip tee-shirt, and an underwater photo with the mermaids.

More details here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if I’ll take the plunge: nope. As much as I love the Sip-n-Dip, my intense dislike of getting wet will prevent me from participating.


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