That Name Again Is Mister Plow

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Jack offers up his thoughts about snow plowing – or lack thereof – in Great Falls:

…the snow plowing process in Great Falls sucks. They don’t plow side streets or alleys. As one who worked for a city street department many years ago, there are much better ways to do this. First, it’s not a 9-5 job when the snow starts falling – it’s dividing up your crew into two 12-hour shifts and keeping the major routes open while the snow is falling and then plowing every street within 12 hours of the snow stopping. Then you pick it up and haul it away from the downtown area. It is overtime and long hours – it’s what we pay taxes for…

I don’t have much to compare Great Falls to, having lived in non-snowy areas until I arrived here in 2002. But I’ve got no particular beef with how GF handles it – of course it could be better, but on the other hand, I’ve never had a problem getting to where I needed to go in Great Falls, even during the snowiest of times. What say you – do you think the city could or should do better? And if so, what would you recommend?



  1. The article in the Trib says the City is spending more on snow removal. Well what the heck are they doing plowing the rivers edge trail as soon as a snow flake hit it. Seems like a huge expense for a few select people.

    If the parked cars are a problem then they should schedule plowing the streets the same as street cleaning. When the snow stays for this amount of time the City needs to get the streets clear.

    Just stop wasting money on things like the trail and get the most done for the most people.

  2. Yep – it’s a little difficult for the “sidewalk nazis” to fine you for not clearing your sidewalks, when they’re not plowing the streets.

    Hmmmmm….maybe even a little hypocritical?

  3. Snow plowing in town sucks. Worst I have ever seen for a city that gets snow. I live in Riverview (10 years now) and I haven’t seen a plow on my street once.

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