Pioneer Woman Cook Book!

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A Christmas surprise from our Bozeman friends – the “Prairie Woman” cookbook! A quick flip through the pages was absolutely delightful – can’t wait to try some of her “Marlboro Man” recipes. And the pictures in the book – chickens, cows, etc – wheee! And don’t forget – the Prairie Woman herself Ree Drummond will be in Great Falls in March!

Oh, and the tiny animals around the book were some of the gifts that I received from Krista Claus!



  1. YES!!! I love her. She is truly my idol and every recipe I have ever made from her blog has been fantastic. I am so excited!

  2. My mom has this cookbook, and it’s awesome! The pie crust is a GREAT recipe! 🙂 And she’s coming to speak at the CM Russell museum over the auction weekend… I want to go! 🙂

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