Moose, Bruce, and the Goose

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Spotted this book in a dentist’s office last week – can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it, or author Robert Scott McKinnon, until now!

Moose, Bruce, and the Goose: “An abandoned greyhound puppy, a wounded Canadian goose, and a young track and field athlete form a partnership that becomes famous throughout Montana.”

Moose, Bruce, and the Goose

When I posted the picture on my Facebook page, two people commented that McKinnon used to be a swim coach here in Great Falls, and I heard that he also taught English, too.



  1. Yes, Bob McKinnon is his name and he did teach swimming as I was student of his when I was younger; his pool was on 9th St S close to 13th Ave S back from the street. I happen to have minature greyhounds so this would be a really good book to read; will have to look for it.

  2. Patrick 'Kelly' McCarthy on

    Coach Mckinnon coached me and my brothers and sisters from about 1961-1967. He made the swim-meets to be fun by making the practices as hard as we could stand it. It was a blessing when the swim-meets rolled around. What a good man coach is . . . very serious, but very much fun to be around. Everyone always tried to do their best cause coach wouldn’t have it any other way . . . but he was never ever mean . . . just tough. He made us enjoy the effort to win.

    I hear coach is still swimming and winning races on his own . . . and I hear that his swim teams got even better, after we McCarthys left Montana for Texas . . . and that coach’s teams became a bit of a legend along with him in the swim-world of Montana and surrounding.

    He took us river-rafting on occasion too, just for fun . . . and took us all over the state competing and even competing against those Canadians up in Calgary on occasion too.

    Coach made us all feel like champions. He is a champion to me.

    GOD Bless coach McKinnon and all of his swimmers too.

  3. Bob is still in town going strong! He is still teaching swimming lessons at his pool for kids and he has a new book out–the Lewis and Clark Expedition from the dog’s perspective.

    Oh; last year he WON several events at the Canadian Nationals Masters Swim Meet in Toronto!

  4. Nancy McCarthy Baker on

    I’m one of those eight “McCarthy kids” Mr. McKinnon coached. He is one of a kind! Great years in Great Falls, Montana (now a Texasn).

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