Hit & Run

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Do any of you happen to know who was driving this car at about 4:45 pm on Tuesday?

If you do, please let me know – or call the GFPD at 771-1180. The person driving it is the one responsible for this damage to my daughter’s beloved Jeep:

It happened on 10th Avenue South at 7th Street; the other guy apparently *thought* he could make a turn across traffic and slammed into my daughter’s Jeep as she was driving through the intersection.

Thankfully, she and her passenger don’t appear to be injured – just shaken up from the impact and the airbag deployment.

There were witnesses who stuck around and gave statements to the police, confirming that the other driver was at fault.

The other guy was nowhere to be found by the time the police arrived – just left his vehicle in the parking lot. The officer ran the plate and said that the driver has outstanding warrants and a revoked license.


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