KQDI Question

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Sigh. Looks like 1450 AM (KQDI) has dropped the Michael Savage program. That’s a shame – Savage is an amazingly entertaining radio personality – way better than Rush or Hannity or Ingraham. On a more positive note, it seems as if we are getting more than just one hour of Jerry Doyle’s show – I think.

According to the KQDI website, the Jerry Doyle show airs from 4-7 pm, and then the Dave Ramsey show airs from 5-8 pm. Wait – what? You can’t have overlap between two programs (unlike what KQDI does with commercials, sometimes)!

I’ve tuned in to KQDI between 5pm and 8pm a few times in recent days, and once I heard Doyle, and twice I heard Ramsey. So what gives? Here’s a screenshot of the lineup:



  1. I, too, loved Savage. When I lived in Vegas, Dave Ramsey was put on the station I listened to. Ramsey is OK for the first few weeks. But his show is the same over and over. Burger King workers call in and can’t make payments on their BMW, or others call in to yell “WE’RE DEBT FREE” (because they followed Ramsey’s debt free program)

    I often disagreed with Savage, sometimes found him annoying but when I had the time, I always listened to him. I’ll be turning the station while Ramsey is on. I’ve listened to his exact same show dozens of times in the past.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Michael Savage for years (Agreeing with him maybe 80% of the time) and I was wondering why I was driving home listening to Jerry Doyle these last several weeks. I got nothing against Jerry Doyle, but I like the Savage’s style and his common sense solutions to Government.

    I’ll be complaining to KQDI, that’s for damn sure.

  3. It’s not much fun to agree but your thoughts are pretty much mine. I tend to agree with Savage, not always but usually. He is always entertaining though. And yeah, Doyle is fine…he’s just fine but he lacks the Savage personality.

    I’m complaining to KQDI too.

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