Snowy Aftermath

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Waited up until after midnight, hoping to see the drizzle turn into snow…but my head flopped and when I woke up at 7 this morning, I was greeted with a new fluffy layer of beautiful snow! I slept right through the whole thing 🙁 And how ’bout them roads this morning – holy cow! Worst spots that I encountered were the mall exit onto 9th Street, and the corner in front of Salad Creations – it felt like and literally looked like icy glass.

Speaking of snow…in his weekly “Caught My Eye” segment, Jack notes:

A city employee was “almost” caught by me plowing his/her own driveway the other day with a city vehicle (with the city seal on the side). If my cell phone had not been in my pocket and the driving conditions had not been so terrible (because the street was not plowed) I would made it back around the block and videotaped it and posted it here. I’m watching…


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