Polar Plunge!

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Can’t make the Polar Plunge tonight, but taking comfort in knowing that LOTS of money was donated to help Special Olympics on behalf of the brave plungers!

Among the Great Falls media, Team KRTV raised $1,555 (including a $500! donation from “DG”) towards the cause; Team KFBB raised $455; and the Tribune raised $1,195. That money will help an awful lot of Special Olympics athletes! Of those three teams, the prize for “funnest” name goes to the Tribune team: the News Jumpies!

There were plenty of other teams that raised money via the Polar Plunge – including the 341 SFG at Malmstrom, the GFPD, and my favorite non-media team name, the “Blizzard Barbies!”

And to everyone who keeps asking me if I plan to ever take the Polar Plunge: NO! Yes, yes, we all know that I love the cold and the snow – but I absolutely *hate* getting wet!


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