Bee Happy

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Hey all you beekeepers and wannabee-beekeepers! Looks like this might bee of interest to you! From Big Sky Bee:

There is a beekeeping club forming in Great Falls, and the first meeting is December 11th.
Who: Wanna-Bee Beekeepers and interested folks/family
What: Introductory meeting, Q&A session, club discussion, just general visiting
Where: Conf Rm 7 at Westgate Mall (NW side of town) 1807 3rd St NW, Great Falls, MT. I believe the room is on the east side of the building.
When: Noon, 11 Dec and we have the room until 5pm
Why: To share information, find common interests, and hopefully cooperate where it helps.

I know nothing of beekeeping, but I do know that bees are cool. Unless they sting you, in which case…well, it just hurts, dammit. Happened to me two years ago, and I was shocked at just how “sting-y” it was, even hours after the actual incident.

But bees are cool, absolutely. I’m sure our Glacier County Honey Company friends would agree!


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