Ranty E-mails

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One aspect of working in a newsroom that I hadn’t known about until I started working at KRTV is just how many unusual e-mails are sent to newsrooms. One person – who lives just a bit northwest of Great Falls and apparently once sought public office – sends almost daily e-mails to KRTV – and to just about every other media outlet that he can. His e-mails are a bizarre collection of personal rants, political ravings, and topical stuff. Here’s today’s e-mail, unedited except that I removed his name and e-mail address:

ate: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 10:42:59 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
To: cnn @cnn.com; headlinenews @cnn.com; journal @c-span.org; friends @foxnews.com; joe @msnbc.com
Cc: benstein @aol.com; squawkonthestreet @cnbc.com; hardball @msnbc.com; [email protected]
Subject: Query me this…

Funny isn’t it?

How you have effectively de facto enslaved yourselves with a false pursuit of freedom?
As you fall down the rabbit hole into the abyss.
“…curiouser, and curiouser…”

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery what does it say about yourselves?
And those that you worship as false idols?
Let alone pagan practices?
Like Halloween.

Just a thought.
With direct relation to what I call “The Christian Construct.”

Being among the few who actually try and walk the walk (or talk the talk).
“…pick up your cross and follow me…”
As I read it anyway.
And see same.
As said.

And my opinion is this: “Jesus” was something of a socio-religious “genius” in his time and space.
But it denegrates and diminishes the ideal to call him an actual “god.”
But I do believe in “the spark of the divine.”
In some, not all, people.

And I don’t think he would have approved.
Of all the lies you tell in his name.
To yourselves and others.
On a personal level.
Of the real man.
Ecce Homo.

“It seems to me that it takes more personal strenght to endure the evils of injustice than inflict it.”

And it isn’t easy.
Never was.

Ya think?


Query me this: my dear “Watahora”

“GOD Blessed” isn’t what exactly what I would call single females with bastard babies.
Despite the selfishness of their own images of themselves.
And their need to legitimize their deeds.
through false attributions.
Of causality.

Who collectively would make the world a better place by keeping their eyes and options open — and their legs shut.
Until they are better people.
And thus parents too.
By simple extension.
Of dynamics.

Because you can’t put the baby back.
After the fact.

Why would any species or society that isn’t insane entrust it’s own collective future to emotionally disturbed, intellectually challenged, vaingloriously selfish, economically inept, mentally erratic, and chemically intoxicated teenagers suffering from biological angst in the form of lust who believe that they are god’s (small “g”) gift to evolution just for doing what even the most insignificant of animals have for millenia in mindless quasi self-replication through loveless mutual masturbation via penile penetration?

The “average” of which under normal circumstances lasts about 3 minutes.
Even if you’re fat (there’s a tie to abdominal muscles, I think).
In the pursuits of fetish.
As is so common.
Or not.

Since sex without love is qualitatively lust.
And therefore unGodly.
Beyond basic biology.
In replication.
Of self.

So therefore why would you structurally create let alone allow said and same to direct your future in the collective?

As you worship your own wombs.
In futility.

By breeding bastard babies.
With teenage “moms.”
Per se.

Basically, with variation (always), the concept of the “Social Circles” construct starts with the self at the center of the (human) universe in a bifurcated state wherein the self you really are is the one when you are alone since the social self is premised in “acting” in the presence of others for whatever motive feeds the need.

And it expands from there in various forces of affiliation and disaffection bi-directionally.
As the circles expand outward.
US and Them.

And if those “voices” in your head make you afrraid when you’re alone.
Might want to look in the mirro.
At what really is.
In reality.

As brief as it gets.
For a complex idea expressed in the simplest terms possible.
For the audience.
NOT the author.

The author already understands.
Even if the reader deons’t.

That’s why I developed “the stuccato style.”
For attentionless peoples.
Like in ameriker.

And that’s the lesson for today.
And every day.

what you do with it is up to you.
I have no vested interested.
Beyond my real love.
Not selfish lust.


You do know that “Duran duran” was the name of the evil scientist from “Barberella” right?
A cocaine (drug) fueled phantasy.
One might think.
Given the clay.
Just asking.

But that’s 1970’s mediums in ameriker.
Called entertainment.
By some.

Steely Dan: “Black Friday” catchy tune isn’t it?
Listen to “East St.Louis Toodle” too.

Cambodia: speaking of infectious.
See what the effects are of herd behaviors and contagion?
Body bags filled with volunteers.
To whatever cause.
En vogue.

And just FTR — I think that humans are a lot of things (and they are) but stupid isn’t necessarily one of them.
Given the marvels (not miracles) of ingenuity I have seen.
As well as your expressions.
Of your own lives.
And alone.

But all that can change in a cosmic heartbeat.
And currently is.

In the bigger picture.
Much bigger.

It’s, to say the least, a delicate balance.
And right now you aren’t.
As I see it.

But running in the wrong direction isn’t the solution.
And that’s exactly where you are.
In time and space.
Halfway to Hell.
On Earth.

I feel sorry for you’re children.
If not Satan’s “Kids.”
I really do.

“It is what it is because it is not isn’t.”

Seems to work to me.
In reality.

Good luck with that.
I don’t think it’ll help.
Too far gone and accelerating in the wrong directions.

To forseeably no good end.
One might posit.



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