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Funniest TV Shows Ever: let’s start with the funniest show ever – Arrested Development. Nothing else comes close. Can’t even pick a favorite character, they’re all so great.

Here’s the rest, in no particular order:

The Critic: canceled way before its time. Deserves another shot. Jon Lovitz was perfectly cast.

Seinfeld: brilliant, but doesn’t age as well as I thought it would.

The Simpsons: seasons 3-8 were near-perfect (Deep Space Homer, Mr Plow, etc). Slow, steady slide since then, but still a champ overall.

Night Court: similar to the Simpsons – after the first season got out of the way, it got brilliant for a few years, and then got a bit silly. But those middle seasons – amazing. Harry, Dan, and Christine were awesome characters.

Cheers: didn’t think it would survive the Diane/Rebecca transition, but it did (mostly). And unlike Seinfield, it seems to hold up very well over the years.

Duckman: if you’ve seen it, you know. Probably the “fastest” funny show ever – the zingers came faster than you were able to keep track of ’em.

Dick Van Dyke Show: true classic – set the standard for many, many years.

South Park: No sacred cows. Love it. Ever after 13 (!) years, they’ve still got it.


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  1. Please explain what you mean when you say that Seinfeld doesn’t age as well as you thought it would? That is the best show ever! (I’m also a fan of Cheers.)

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