Pop Culture Friday: Dancing With The Stars

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Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars Taking a page out of Jack’s “Caught My Eye” playbook, I’m introducing a new feature here: Pop Culture Friday! Today’s subject: the TV show “Dancing With The Stars.”

Yep, I’ve been watching this season. It’s a pretty entertaining show, with music, dancing, some comedy, some skits. Sort of like one of the long-forgotten “variety” shows. And it’s been fun to see modern-day celebrities pitted against pop-culture figures squaring off against athletes.

And yes, I’ve been cheering for Bristol Palin. I like Kyle Massey as a runner-up – what a charismatic kid! – but never cottoned to Jennifer Gray (maybe because I’ve never seen “Dirty Dancing”).

I’ve read about some people complaining that Bristol is only in the finals because of her mother, and that the VRWC is stuffing the ballot box to keep her on the show. My reply: so what? EVERY competitor on the show has a demographic support group – some based on political preference, some based on musical tastes, some based on ability, etc.

For instance, a football player won the contest a few years ago, and I’d wager that plenty of football fans voted for him. This season, I’m sure that lots of people who enjoy Brandy’s music voted for her based not (just) on her dancing, but simply because they really like her and her music. It all balances out in the end.

And remember: the finalists are in the finals based not just on their dancing – nobody pretends it’s a true “dance competition.” It’s a reality-show that is based primarily – but not only – on dancing. These people are characters, and they garner votes based on their overall dancing ability, the level of improvement in their skills, their acting, their charisma, and their appearance. Fair? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s the reality.

Check out what Mark Cuban has to say about it.


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