Shoes, Popcorn, Goode’s

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Darn. Village Shoes in the mall is apparently closing. I’m not a shoe guy, but the few times I’ve been there, they had some cool stuff.

On a brighter note, there’s a big sign in the window in the shop at 9th Street and 10th Ave South which says that The Popcorn Colonel will be opening in that location soon – cool! Don’t know if it’s a second store, or just a relocation.

And we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Goode’s (Q Burger for me!) last night and noticed this new picture on the wall of owner and great-guy Larry shaking hands with Governor Schweitzer – neat!

Larry Goode meets Gov Schweitzer



  1. I initially thought you were joking about crying, Andrea – and then I remembered the special bond between girls and shoes!

    Guys just don’t get it.

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