Caught His Eye

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Jack at The Western Word has posted another great entry in his “Caught My Eye” series, and he includes this deserved pat-on-the-back:

We see a lot of Blogs pop up around election time and then fade away after the election is over. The Western Word has been in existence since January 2005. There are no plans to shut it down. Readership the last two months have been the highest in history, and more people are following me on Twitter than are following some of Montana’s major daily newspapers and a couple of elected officials. I plan on riding this wave for the foreseeable future. Someone has to keep the politicians in line. Besides, the circus starts in Helena this January!

He’s right – many folks start blogging, post like crazy for a while, and then lose interest, letting their blog waste away, forgotten forever. Kudos to Jack!

And for the record: the bestest-ever “girl in the song” is undoubtedly Sharona.


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