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Got an e-mail from someone who was listening to Aaron Flint on his “Voices Of Montana” program on KQDI this morning:

Hey Aaron Flint, great radio show. Don’t say “irregardless” though. It isn’t a word, even though it is heard often. Orientate is another one to avoid. Keep up the good work.
PS – can you get someone to fix all the major malfunctions that seem to occur mostly in the evening and at night? Three or four commercials playing at once for example. If I were an advertiser, I would not pay for that type of ‘service’.

Yep – I notice that “overlapping” of commercials every day on KQDI. You can hear two commercials or promos at the same time – quite disorienting. Been happening for months – don’t understand (a) how it happens, and (b) how KQDI can let it keep happening.



  1. I think I know why this continues to happen. Some years ago, I noticed that KQDI wasn’t broadcasting. I called in to see if they had any idea when they’d be back up and running. The person who answered the phone didn’t know there was a problem. It was then that I realized the people at KQDI don’t listen to KQDI.

  2. What amazed me, some years ago, is that a ‘radio station’ for the most part, is now a bunch of computer equipment in a closet. Waaay back when I was a kid, when they had KMON in a room at Holiday Village Mall, in what used to be a walk-way between Scheels Hardware and the upper level of Pennys, it seemed a pretty large (at least living-room-sized) setup. Now its not much more than a PC with a few monitors and audio inputs. I’ve heard many times as well, when the DJ will pre-record a track where they are making announcements and what song played, and somehow when it goes live, the mp3 song list is and hour ahead of, or behind, the voice-track. So when you have Dead Air, or announcers saying the wrong song has played, or multiple commercials, you can chalk it up to COMPUTER ERROR. Which was programmed by humans, so , um, Operator Error?

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