Geraldine & Square Butte

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What a great day-trip! We headed out to Geraldine on Saturday; took the road out to Highwood, and then headed east on Shonkin Road. Stopped at a little creek, let Ziggy get his paws wet and muddy. Saw LOTS of cows, a few deer, and then arrived in Geraldine. Adorable community. Stopped at the country store, was advised by the folks inside to skip the bar/grill next door and instead drive six miles south to the Square Butte eatery…and are we glad we did!

Probably the best burger that I’ve ever had – seriously. The fries were awesome, too, and the apple-cranberry crisp was amazing. Still not sure if the place is actually called the Square Butte Country Club…but we will definitely be back.

UPDATE: my mother e-mailed to asked if that is MY burger pictured above – the one with “stuff” on it – and of course, the answer is no! My burger was a double with cheese; Krista got a “stuffed” burger that had mushrooms and other such things in it.


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  1. Absolutely in agreement. Best burger ever. Referred to Square Butte Cafe in Ft. Benton. We were traveling throughout Montana.

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