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As noted at ECW, the mysterious MT Cowgirl is making some headlines. Lots of speculation about who is behind the moniker, but many folks are confident that it is someone who lives and works in Helena, likely an employee in a state agency. John Adams (Trib chief down in Helena) offers some insight on his blog.

I disagree with about 99% of what Cowgirl writes (lots of racist, hate-filled tripe), but I’ll admit to being mildly impressed that she has managed to maintain her anonymity this long – but I don’t think it will last with all of the scrutiny now being brought to bear on identifying her.

UPDATE: Aaron has more about the possible identity, including a shoot-down of the Livingston theory.

Hmmm…maybe my original theory – that MT Cowgirl is actually one of the original Montana bloggers from the early days, and based in MIssoula – will turn out to be true!


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