Genuine Falls

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Claire has an excellent post about Great Falls – and about Bigfork. I recall Greg expressed similar sentiments about the Flathead area a while back. I have only visited Bigfork once, three years ago, and I absolutely loved it…but as noted in Claire’s comments, I don’t have warm, fuzzy memories of Bigfork Past to compare them too. But back to Claire’s topic of Great Falls – I like this:

Bless Paris Gibson for laying out greater Great Falls: if you can find Central Avenue and you can count to fifty, it’s pretty hard to get lost. What our street names lack in character, they make up for in sanity. It’s the outskirts that are a little tricky.

Bonus: Claire makes reference to the Valley Girls (has it really been more than five years since she first wrote that?). I love her characterization of the large Montana towns.


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