F-15 Flap

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Lots of chatter about the possible loss of F-15s from the MT ANG…personally, I think it would be kind of cool to see a few large(ish) cargo planes flying over Great Falls, but I sure would miss the “roar of freedom” of the fighter jets.

And BTW – big hat tip to Jack at The Western Word, who was the first (that I know of) to report the news of the F-15/C-27 issue.



  1. While a logistics mission might not be as “sexy” as an F-15 mission, I would like to suggest to that such a mission would be much better for economic development here.

    A supply mission would mean warehouses stocked with property. It would also mean that Great Falls would become a staging point for that property to move to points elsewhere.

    To fulfill a logistics mission, MANG would have to bring in a team of buyers. A large percentage of property bought by those personnel would come from local businesses. A logistics mission would mean more demand, more sales and probably more employees at Great Falls businesses like Johnson Madison, CED, Glacier State, etc. We might even be able to bring in a local Grainger store, which would mean better access to building supplies (and often, better pricing) for builders throughout North-central Montana.

    Personally, I think it is cool to look at the F-15s. However, I would much rather see the economic development that could be brought here by a logistics and supply mission. I think that the potential for this new mission is a great thing for our community.

  2. Losing the F-15s is a bad development for Great Falls. The F-15s are being replaced by 4 small cargo planes. With all due respect, Mr. Weissman, your post reads like a case of wishful thinking. One could make an easier argument that MANG (the flying mission) is now in danger of being shut down within 5 years. The logic being… how hard will it be for the DoD to shut down a flying mission of 4 small cargo planes, as a means to save money? My read is the city and MANG had a chance to aggressively go after the unmanned/drone missions several years ago… and they blew it. Whiteman AFB, Ellsworth AFB and Grand Forks are all flying drones now.

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