Do The Math

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So…according to the numbers published by a certain TV news website in Great Falls (that is not KRTV), then…there are 473,310 babies born prematurely every year in Montana: 8,765 hours in a year X 54 = 473,310.

Which is puzzling, because the March Of Dimes reports that there are approximately 1,456 babies born prematurely each year in Montana (28 per week X 52 weeks = 1,456).

And if you’re so inclined – you can donate to the March Of Dimes online.
And I normally don’t like to point out errors, flubs, and bad grammar/punctuation on that particular news organization’s website – there are too many to properly document, believe me – but this one is just so whopping that I couldn’t let it pass.



  1. You’d be surprised at the amount of “premies” that are born in MT. Thankfully Great Falls has the best NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in the state. And march of dimes called me at work because someone volunteered me… but my boss accidentally hung up on them. :/ Oops. Never have heard back.

  2. WAAAAAAAAH! Oh, I’m so upset that no one at KRTV likes me! I know that it’s true because “Bill” said so!

    Geez. Um, Bill…even if nobody at KRTV likes me, what on earth does that have to do with this entry?

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