1. About a year ago, I was introduced to ‘Corporate-Speak’ Bingo (I’m sure the name changes with the company) but so we were emailed Bingo cards, but instead of numbers, there were typical prases used in high-level meetings. The idea was to keep the sheet hidden in your notes that you brought to the meeting, but whenever you heard the manager or meeting presenter use one of the prases, you mark it off. Then after the meeting (of course) you and your co-workers tally the results and see who won. Maybe they were secretly created and distributed by the mangers themselves to keep people attentive in meetings, but nevertheless it was a cute idea.

  2. Ha! Ron, I’m all too familiar with Corporate Bingo, both from an Air Force perspective AND a healthcare angle. Thankfully, in my new job, I attend VERY few meetings 🙂

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