My Little Pony

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Any collectors of My Little Pony in/around Great Falls?

I know there used to be a couple other collectors in MT. I even actually used to know RainbowDash I think was her name who lived in Great Falls. Well I’ve been informed by my housemate and such that my pony collecting is weird and I must be like the only person here who has this “weird obsession”.

No snickering – collecting is serious stuff.

Well, except when it’s funny…particularly #7 on the list:

I loved Rosey Posey. She was a handy pony ’cause her head came off really easy and it made for a handy place to hide lip balm. Whenever my lips got chapped, I’d just snap off ol’ Rosey’s head and keep my lips fresh and clean (they’d often get chapped from licking lollipop too much). I once asked Rosey Posey to marry me, but she didn’t answer. I took her silence as a “Yes”, however, and we had a quiet ceremony in my room with the whole Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake village in attendance. I was certainly as surprised as anyone when Purple Pieman put on his priest garb and married us officially. I love you Rosey Posey!


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