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Travis Kavulla has unveiled his first commercial as he campaigns for the Public Service Commission; see it at ECW, or over at Havre Daily Corrector.

If you missed Jack’s “Caught My Eye” on Friday…worth a read, as it always is.

Claire offers up her thoughts about the Tea Party…think she’s taking some heat for this one. Her last line: “The appeal of the tea party is a logi­cal, predictable result of socie­tal decay.”

Did you know that the public access channel – Cable 7 – might be on the verge of disappearing? Sandra is looking for first-hand accounts from anyone who attended last night’s meeting. Me, I think it would be a shame to lose Cable 7. I don’t know much about the behind the scenes stuff, but the amount it would take to keep it on the air is probably chump change in relation to some of the stuff the city spends money on.


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