10 Years of Blogging: Early Days

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of my first blog post – cool! Ready for a little trip down memory lane…?

WARNING: self-indulgent blog entry ahead!

PART 1: Better Living Thru Blogging!

Better Living Through Blogging!

The first true “blog” that I ever read was kottke.org, from Jason. I was intrigued by the then-novel way of posting new content every day, and I quickly trotted over to Blogger.com and signed up. A click here, a click there, and whaddaya know, I had posted an entry! I was so tickled that I even made a phone call to Ev to thank him for creating such a neat web thingie.

I was posting then to davidmsc.com (using some bizarre combination of Blogger, Geocities, and my domain), which was my online home for many years. I abandoned it a few years ago, but for some reason it’s still “alive” in some form, although Google warns that it is scary place now. Parts of it are still preserved via this Blogspot page that I created as a backup a long time ago.

But while it was alive, my “Better Living Thru Blogging” site was my online home, and enabled me to meet some great people both virtually and even in real life. Some of the real-life highlights include having lunch with Stephen Green – the VodkaPundit – in Colorado Springs in 2002, and dining with the near-legendary Charles of Dustbury here in Great Falls several years ago. It must be noted that Charles is, as far as I know, truly the longest-serving blogger.

I also may have been the very first blogger to link to Instapundit in August 2001. And the fact that I was a military blogger – maybe the first? – even landed me some interviews with the AP and Air Force Times. Of course, this was long before social networking and Facebook and YouTube, so it was considered quite a novelty at the time.

And thanks to having an online home and being fascinated by the ability to blog, I stumbled my way through Blogger, and then used GreyMatter (thank you, Noah), moved on to MovableType, and then settled on WordPress as my CMS of choice. And in between those, I of course dabbled in LiveJournal, Vox, TypePad, Tumblr, and a few others, just to see what features and functions were available.

Here’s a quick listing of some of the more memorable folks that I encountered and/or linked to and/or linked to me back in the early days – by no means a complete list, but a start: Allison, who created a whimsical story using TinyPlasticHuts and made me laugh; Kim of Velociworld, who once brought the internet to a standstill with his Mrs Howell trump card in the Ginger-vs-MaryAnn debate; Kate of Electric Venom, still hissing lo these many years later; the USS Clueless, piloted by the insightful Captain DenBeste; Oliver Willis, who once was an online buddy with a cute dog named CK and had a great tagline (Like Kryptonite To Stupid).

Then, about three years ago, I decided to shift my online focus to Great Falls and Montana…



  1. Congratulations on this milestone David!

    You are a great advocate for blogging and the blogosphere is better for having you in it.

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