10th Avenue – FINALLY!

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WOOHOO! Looks like we’re finally going to get 10th Avenue South back – even a little bit early! Trib is reporting:

This afternoon motorists should be able to drive eastbound on three new lanes of concrete on Great Falls’ busy 10th Avenue South between 18th and 26th Streets.
The opening of the three lanes is expected to take place today, probably “sometime in the afternoon,” said Marvin Davis, project superintendent for United Materials of Great Falls, the general contractor on the project.
Eastbound lanes had been expected to be opened by Monday, but the company is a bit ahead of schedule with its work. Davis joked he “just wanted to surprise everybody” with the early opening.

Any of you planning to go cruising on 10th just because you can again?


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  1. My husband didn’t know it was opening up today- he went to school it was still in the north lanes, and then after lunch it was on the southbound lanes.

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